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GO Box announces ZERO: a 100% reusable packaging service for restaurants

We’re all so exhausted by the trash in our streets, rivers and even in our homes. 72%+ of consumers want to adopt circular practices, but businesses find it incredibly difficult and expensive to implement reuse systems. This problem gets even more complex for implementing reuse for to-go and delivery businesses.

While GO Box’s reuse subscription has been incredibly successful in the Portland market, we haven’t yet achieved our mission of removing all of the single-use containers for our partner vendors, until now! This week, we are announcing the launch of our new ZERO service for restaurants who want to ditch all disposable containers for good. Our first visionary pilot partners to launch with this service are Fermenter, Sibeiho, and Yes Please.

“I’m done with supporting & creating completely unnecessary waste as an industry. We all need to do better. With the new offering GO Box has launched, it makes it incredibly easy to implement reuse for our delivery and togo business. It’s also cheaper than so-called eco products. It’s a no brainer for us and I hope more restaurants join us in heading toward zero waste.”
Aaron Adams
Owner, Fermenter

How it works for customers:

  1. Regardless of how you order (in person, phone or online), you’ll have your takeout order put into a reusable container. You’ll be charged a deposit ($1-2) per item.
  2. After you’re done, you’ll bring your container back to the participating restaurant and get your deposit credited with your next order.

How it works for vendors:

  1. We source and customize co-branded containers for your business.
  2. You add a per-item deposit to every customer order.
  3. Customers return containers to a GO Box drop site at your business.
  4. When customers return the containers, you discount their next order with a credit equal to the deposit they paid. If they keep the container, you have already recouped your investment.
  5. GO Box visits weekly to pick up returned containers from the drop site and deliver your order of clean containers.
  6. GO Box subscribers can continue to borrow the green GO Box clamshells by using our mobile app. No deposit should be charged to existing GO Box subscribers.

For this first phase launch of the program, it costs nothing for consumers who return the containers, and cuts vendor packaging costs by 25-75%. All the while also reducing water, energy and greenhouse emissions.

What could be better?

If you’re a restaurant and want to go ZERO, we want to hear from you! Email to get started.