Your favorite takeout, zero waste.​

Your favorite food & drinks, zero packaging waste.

Join 100+ locations and thousands of consumers who choose to reuse daily. 

GO Box is a zero waste service that eliminates single-use trash by providing reusable packaging to vendors & customers.

GO Box is a zero waste service that eliminates single-use trash by 

providing reusable packaging & services to vendors & consumers.

For Customers

The GO Box app makes it easy for to borrow & return reusables across town.

For Vendors

GO Box provides busy vendors with the materials & support to offer reusables.

Our reusables

Safe & professionally sanitized, reusables save resources, prevent carbon emissions & eliminate landfill.

Our Impact

Our Impact

Together, the GO Box community has eliminated


single-use products by choosing to reuse!

GO Box reusables are available at these fine food vendors... and many more.

“I’m done with supporting & creating completely unnecessary waste as an industry. We all need to do better. With the new offering GO Box has launched, it makes it incredibly easy to implement reuse for our delivery and togo business. It’s also cheaper than so-called eco products. It’s a no brainer for us and I hope more restaurants join us in heading toward zero waste.”

Aaron Adams

Owner, Fermenter

Be a reuse hero.

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